Monday, May 9, 2011

Sites I trust

Like I have said before I truly hope that you will research foraging on at least two websites before eating something (unless it is the berries I have already mentioned that is just to easy) here is a list of sites I know and trust. 

Wildman Steve Brill. I am buying his book this week, and I suggest you do the same. But please buy it directly from his website least he receive pennies of your money. He also has a App that can be purchased from itunes. It is available for idevices right now and soon for desktops. His website is

Another website I like but doesn't give you really direct  answers is the USDA's website. it has really good clear pictures and is easy to search but will not give you much info on if something is good to eat or not. But you can find out if it is legal to eat or not. For instance in some areas cattails are illegal to pick.  The link is

I also really like discover life. You can put in leaf shapes and berry color and other search parameters and it is like a search engine for plants. It will give a list of possibles and if you click on one in the right window a bunch of websites will open that pertain to that plant. Very useful. Just click on the I.D nature guide. The website is

One more I really like esp for this area is Eating Alabama, this is another blogspot blog and it has a lot of recipes that sound amazing. And a little bit of stuff on foraging. Their website is

Ok guys get to! Post any links in the comments that you enjoy researching on. 

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  1. Hi Jalah,

    Thanks for including me on your blog. I've added you to the foraging section of my GreenLinks page. And for people searching the iTunes store for my app, it's called WildEdibles.

    Happy Foraging!