Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hello world! Lets chat!

Hi and welcome to my new blog! I hope to provide information about gardening and foraging in the south and hopefully to get some information back. First off just to be clear foraging and gardening can be a bit tricky at times. I don't make any promises that what has worked for me and my friends and family will work for you. Also there are important taxonomical differences in plants that need to be considered when wild foraging, I will expect you the reader to do research at more than one place before making the outdoors your buffet. Consider wild carrots, they look strikingly similar to hemlock but with careful research you can learn differences, such as hemlock has a smooth stem and carrots have fuzzy stems, that could save your life.  Also I cannot speak of mushrooms and other fungi simply because I do not have the experience, but if I learn it in time this will be the first place I put it!  Now that thats out of the way I would like to tell you a bit about myself. I was raised in the deep south by gardening parents and right across from a thick stretch of woods where I spent most of my time. I have always been interested in plants and gardening and I guess you could say it was in my blood. My grandparents on both sides gardened for food and ornamentals and their parents and their's and so on. My father's grandmother was a midwife and what would now be considered an "herbalist". My Mother's Mother grew a garden that feed her, her husband, and their 11 children! I have grown things as long as I can remember and tried to learn as much from my parents as I could and remember as much as I could, if I knew then how important it would be now I would have paid attention even more! :) Also I am a stay at home wife and a nanny to my sister's two kids who live with me so I have loads of time to research in books and on the internet and grill any one I know who knows anything about plants! I am new to foraging I must admit and most of this blog is going to be dedicated to gardening and gardening tips (all organic of course) with some tried and true foraging asides. If I post it on here then you can be absolutely positive that I have tasted it and will post as clear a pictures as I can get. As far as gardening goes this year is the first year I have planted a garden that is all my own. I have grown plants with my parents and plants at my in laws house but it was never really "my garden" until now. Everyday I check my garden and fuss over it and write down what works and what doesn't. Now I am happy to share what I have learned in my garden (and continue to learn) and links to places where you can learn more. Please feel free to add what ever you have to say in the comments and correct me if I am wrong that way we can all learn together.

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